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FileMaker Consulting

FileMaker Consultant Makes Unique Discovery!

We’ve discovered what businesses really need: lower costs and increased productivity. FileMaker is the answer...We specialize in FileMaker services building custom FileMaker software applications that translate into proven business efficiencies and real cost savings.

Our specialty is rapidly automating businesses using FileMaker. We’ve been consulting/developing FileMaker solutions for more than 20 years – we are experts at creating custom FileMaker solutions with speed and on a massive scale. We’ve built custom FileMaker software for health care, contracting, construction, marketing, service, e-commerce, banks, physicians, attorneys, universities, manufacturers, retail stores, distributors and many many more. Our custom FileMaker solutions work in any environment too: Windows, Apple and mobile devices like iPads and iPhones.

We can:

  • Create highly customized databases for your organization.
  • Virtually eliminate costly CRM fees.
  • Develop custom mobile iPad and iPhone applications.
  • Save you time and make you money.
  • Reduce human error and improve data accuracy.
  • Virtually eliminate unnecessary double entry from FileMaker to QuickBooks.
  • Design systems which precisely fit your business’ needs.
  • Automate your business processes.
  • Increase your productivity.
  • Create modern point of sale (POS) systems that automatically integrate with QuickBooks and other accounting systems.
  • Produce customized reports and charts.
  • Synchronize your data to improve your bottom line.
  • Pinpoint and eliminate extra costs quickly and easily.
  • Design advanced custom systems and apps that permanently change the way your business operates.
  • Give your business a competitive edge by minimizing administrative costs.
  • Transform your business to become more efficient and effective.
  • And MUCH more!

Our FileMaker consulting services are the best in the industry. Our clients benefit from both expert technical implementations and common sense business strategies built right into the software. This value added approach ignites the power of FileMaker and creates solutions that allow you to reduce costs and rapidly achieve your business goals.

Take a look at our Testimonials page and discover how satisfied our customers are. If you want to automate your business while saving both time and labor costs, contact us for a free evaluation today.


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