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Got business automation?

With FileMaker you do!

FileMaker (FileMaker Pro) is an extraordinarily powerful relational database management system from Apple. FileMaker has been around in different versions for 30 years and its power to rapidly automate your business is almost endless.

A custom FileMaker system is one of the best investments your business can make.

We’ve spent decades developing custom FileMaker applications which solve advanced business problems, streamline business processes, and eliminate labor cost – combined, this can have a huge impact on your company’s operations. We are masters of using FileMaker to advance our clients’ goals.

Use FileMaker to:

  • Keep projects on schedule, transmit information in real time, and change the way you do business – this will make a BIG difference in your company’s profit picture.
  • Deploy multi-user applications over the internet to remote locations.
  • Automate the entry of data into QuickBooks from FileMaker Pro to eliminate double entry of invoices, payments, and bills.
  • Automatically send out emails with attachments such as auto-billing systems or reminder notification systems.
  • Create user friendly layouts resulting in faster, more efficient levels of production.
  • Increase productivity and eliminate tedious and time consuming tasks.
  • Take your business mobile: FileMaker Go integrates with iPads & iPhones. Use it to track inventory, scan barcodes, take and store pictures, record sound and speech, record videos, and capture signatures – FileMaker automatically synchs accurate mobile data directly into your operations for advanced data collection & accurate reporting.
  • Deploy resources directly over the internet - use web browsers, iPads and iPhones using FileMaker’s WebDirect.
  • Take your office paperless and build systems that do exactly what you want.
  • Centralize and coordinate inventory, accounting and human resources data.
  • Operate more efficiently and make informed strategic decisions with exact precision.
  • Produce reports that include images and graphs to help analyze data.
  • Implement calendars that are directly integrated into FileMaker solutions for scheduling and dispatch applications.
  • Integrate Google Maps into advanced mapping solutions.
  • Let the world know about your offers: marketing and bulk email campaigns can be launched directly from FileMaker.
  • And much more!

Let us show you how FileMaker can take your business to a whole new dimension of income and automation… Make the smart decision, use FileMaker and RHC’s consulting services to streamline, organize, and enhance your most important business functions.

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