FileMaker 15

FileMaker 15

Everywhere People Are Raving About the New FileMaker 15!

FileMaker 15 is FileMaker’s latest version released in May 2016...FileMaker Pro/Advanced 15 was released along with FileMaker Server 15 and FileMaker Go 15. Version 15 added many new features and functions to FileMaker. We are working through FileMaker 15 with our clients to take advantage of the increased power and flexibility that it affords them.

The latest features of FileMaker 15 minimize your work time and maximize your profits. Let us show you how to use FileMaker to eliminate software problems while reducing unnecessary labor hours. Lower your expenses and increase your company’s automation with the click of a button. FileMaker 15 is a fast and easy solution for building user friendly systems that will save your business time and money.

Let RHC show you how the new FileMaker 15 can help make your business run efficiently. Contact us today.
FileMaker 15


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