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"Thank you and thank you for fixing our mess you really saved the day."

– Greg Davis
CEO at South Coast Computers
Orange, CA
"We have worked with Rob Hendel for over four years. As FileMaker is the cornerstone component of our operation, we depend on its reliability. Rob handily grasped our unique organizational characteristics and created a meaningful customized solution that is easy for us to navigate, manage, and maintain. His practical knowledge of FileMaker is masterful resulting in a product that greatly eased our operations. We have found Rob to be throughly engaged and readily available for consultations when needed. He delivered results in a timely fashion and is mindful of deadlines and appointments."

– David Betses President
Port Enterprises Inc.
Kennebunkport, ME
"After a long multiple year search going through many phone calls from other programmers who never followed up on their promises to help me connect FileMaker to QuickBooks, Rob and his team members were able to achieve the un-achievable, connect the two programs in a short period of time and under budget!! After the programs were connected I realized that Rob Hendel Consulting were not only programmers but understood my Litigation Support business in a short period of time. After connection of FileMaker and QuickBooks his team consulted and helped me launch additional solutions that have increased our sales by 40%. Without the support I received from Rob my company would not have been able to keep up with demand of new business. Now I understand what value added really means."

– Chuck Frakes
Advanced Microsystems
Los Angeles, CA
"Sun Door and Trim and Rob Hendel Consulting have worked together for nearly ten years building a very large and complex solution for our commercial construction business. The experience and real world business fundamentals that Rob is grounded in make working with him easy and productive. Some projects Rob can handle with little direction, while other projects Rob is comfortable working with very hands on customers. The solutions we have built, and continue to build/expand have transformed our business and have brought Sun Door to the leading edge of technology in a construction setting. Solutions we have built manage sales, purchasing, payroll and time, job costing, inventory, and submittal management – essentially our entire business flows in and out of software Rob has helped our company build. Attentive and responsive, Rob is the kind of partner you are looking for."

– Troy Hyde
Sun Door and Trim
Phoenix, AZ
"I manage a real estate brokerage company and have been using Outlook to handle all direct mailings. Frustrated at the limitations Outlook offers, I began to search for a CRM that would satisfy my organizational needs. After months of searching "off the shelve" programs, I discovered NO ONE offered exactly what I needed. Subsequently, I talked extensively with several CRM developers but none gave me confidence they understood exactly what I needed nor were they able to commit to actually building what I described. Rob Hendel was the last developer on my list. My initial conversation went very well. He knew exactly what I needed and committed to proving it to me. A short time later we were up and running with the most beautiful mailing tool I’ve ever seen. It was perfect. Thanks Rob for a job well done. I look forward to the next phase in our business."

– Bob Mellema
Omega Realty & Investment Services
Orange County, CA
"In 2013 I worked very closely with Rob Hendel Consulting to redesign our Purchase Order System in FileMaker Pro. I have worked with Rob on several occasions since to enhance the system and add new features. Rob is very easy to work with, he listens, understands, gives great advice and suggestions throughout a project. Our new PO System allows me to be more efficient and effective by employing faster working methods."

– Ellen Flynn
Information Technology Support Administrator
Denver, CO
"Innovation In Medtech is a publishing & conference business within the medical device industry. A crucial aspect in launching our company in 2014 was implementing a CRM that would be conducive, adaptable and fluid as we grow our organization. Having worked with FileMaker previously it was essential to find a developer that not only understood our products but also the importance of sales & marketing and how both elements work cohesively within a CRM. Within one week of contacting Rob Hendel we were able to set up our database, import Contacts/Companies into the system and start creating Orders. We were able to identify changes to the system easily and with Robs exceptional understanding of FileMaker, help us in constructing a reporting system including revenue calculation, percentage of revenue increase, exportable data and forecasting. I highly recommend Rob Hendel and encourage anyone that is contemplating FileMaker to contact Rob Hendel Consulting as their developer."

– Kristy J. Kennedy
Director Commercial Development
Innovation In Medtech LLC
Phoenix, AZ
"We were having troubles tracking our sales to our advertising. We had about 30 different advertising tactics going at one time and it would take us hours to go through the calls to see where our sales were coming from. This is when I called Rob. He designed a very easy software platform to compare our calls to our customer base. I'm not very technical so I wanted to make sure it was going to be easy to use, and Rob assured me it would be. Within a couple minutes we can track our calls and sales to see which sales tactics are paying off and which ones are not. This used to take us about 8 hours! Thanks Rob!"

– Tom Teichert
Planet Earth Satellite
Tempe, AZ
"Dear Madam or Sir: My firm raised over $28 million for the Denver Metro Chamber using a database Rob Hendel designed and built. We often struggled with tracking our prospect data for professional fundraising campaigns, which we conducted all over the United States. Rob’s knowledge and experience with File Maker Pro is exactly what we needed. His solution was easy to use, powerful, and flexible in adapting to our clients software. To date, we have used Rob’s database solution for 11 different multi‑million dollar capital campaigns all over the United States. Rob is a very level‑headed, smart, insightful, and driven expert in his field. He has the understanding of business, is very innovative, and has great people skills. Overall, Rob is an exceptional individual, who is trustworthy, loyal, hardworking and always professional. He is a great team player and would be an asset to any organization. I recommended Rob Hendel without hesitation or reservation. Sincerely, Tom"

– Thomas N. Rieger
TNR & Associates, Inc.
20939 Woodside Lane
Parker, CO
"The Boll Weevil Eradication Foundation of Georgia, Inc.’s responsibility is to continue to maintain the eradication of the boll weevil for the Georgia cotton producers. An important part of the eradication program is the placement of traps which are barcoded and have a pheromone lure inserted in the top cylinder. With the program continuing in the post-eradication stage, there are fewer traps than during the eradication efforts. Since there are fewer traps, it has become very important to know the placement of each trap and that it is checked within the required guidelines. With an ongoing change of the trapping scheme, it became apparent there was a demand to update our tracking program to be customized to meet our needs. We began working with Rob Hendel in 2006 on this project. He worked vigorously to meet timeframes set and to make sure that data collected was imported into a system that could produce the necessary reports. Our program is not a simple one by any means. We have so many variables to monitor and tracking history of each trap with the barcodes. I believe it might have been a little challenge, but Rob prevailed. We have been very pleased and continue to use Rob’s expertise in the updating of our Weevil Tracker database. He has always been contentious about responding in a very professional and timely manner. Since the initial build of our Weevil Tracker database, Rob has also built an accounting collections program for us. Rob is very knowledgeable in his field and I would strongly recommend him."

– Diane Riley
Administrative Assistant
BWEF of GA, Inc.
Quitman, GA


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